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Often customers ask me where to buy this or that Spanish food.
That's why I created this page for you on my blog.
Here I will gradually reveal which Spanish products are not missing in my German pantry and where you can find them.

OLIVE OIL - the green gold


You cannot imagine good Mediterranean cuisine without olive oil, "the green gold".

Almost every Spaniard based in Germany brings his own oil from a well-known producer in canisters.

We use olive oil very often in our kitchen, e.g. B.

  • in salad dressing ,

  • a shot of the pasta dishes and the pizza ,

  • for bruschetta with chopped tomato

  • on toasted bread with garlicand a little olive oil . This is a typical breakfast in Andalusia . If you want, you can also put natural tomato puree on top.

  • to cook Spanish dishes. You can find some of my recipes on the blog and youtube channel: gazpacho, tortilla.

Arsamar Olivenoel 5L

Natives Premium Olivenöl Extra
der Sorte Picual. Kaltpressung
Aus Valencia

Parqueoliva extra Virgin serie oro 500ml

Natives Olivenöl extra (500 ml)
Aus Jaen (Andalusien)


BIO segment

GArcia Cruz BIO Plastikkanister Olivenoel 5L

Natives Bio-Olivenöl extra 
Aus Toledo (Kastilien La Mancha)

GArcia Cruz BIO Olivenoel 5L

Natives Bio-Olivenöl extra 
Aus Toledo (Kastilien La Mancha)

Valdevellisca BIO Olivenoel 5L

Kaltgepresstes Extra natives Olivenöl
Aus Kastilien La Mancha

More information about my olive oil in the blog: OLIVE OIL - The green gold

CAVA - sparkling wine from Catalonia


The famous CAVA sparkling wine has been produced in Penedes - Catalonia using the traditional bottle fermentation method since the middle of the 19th century.


The glamorous drink with the golden pearl can be bought in my friend Barbara Schwarzw¦lder's CAVACLUB online shop. Barbara, a journalist by profession, moved to Berlin from her hometown of Barcelona in 2012. In the big city, Barbara missed the opportunity to enjoy a good glass of cava .

Barbara works directly with small and medium-sized companies from Cava cellars in Pened←s . In this way she supports the small family businesses.

Their exquisite cavas have conquered the highest spheres of Berlin in a short time. The selected cavas, wines and vermouths can be tasted in the cozy bar in the Marktheineke Markthalle in Berlin-Kreuzberg.


PIMENTÓN DE LA VERA - Paprika powder from La Vera (Cáceres - Extremadura)

Pimenton de la Verais the protected designation of origin of a special paprika powder that is only produced in the La Vera region in Cáceres-Extremadura.

This paprika powder is characterized by the fact that the paprika is smoked in oak wood before it is processed into spices.

You can find mild ( dulce ), hot ( picante ) or medium hot ( agridulce) versions.

Pimenton ahumado
Geräucherte Paprikapulver süß - Pimenton de la vera suess

La Chinata Pimentón de la Vera SÜß geräuchertes Paprikapulver,
1er Pack (1 x 160 g)

Geräucherter Paprikapulver -Pimenton de la vera scharf

La Chinata Pimentón de la Vera HOT geräuchertes Paprikapulver,
1er Pack (1 x 160 g)

This fine paprika powder is used in:

We like to use this in our Spanish-German cuisine

  • fried potatoes

  • on the fried egg

SAL DE AJO NEGRO - salt with black garlic

ajo negro, schwarzen knoblauch

Black garlic is one of the foods in fashion.
Due to its elaborate production and its costs, it has found its way among the gourmet products.

Black garlic is slowly fermented at certain temperatures and humidity . Thanks to this process, one obtains a product with a mild and pleasant taste that retains all of its numerous health benefits of the fruit.

Thanks to the quality and characteristics of the climate, Spanish garlic is recognized as one of the best varieties of garlic in the world. In Germany you can find this black garlic in with a meeting in Berlin.

Few people are familiar with black garlic with salt . It's delicious with a simple tomato with a dash of oil. Healthy and tasty!


Sal de ajo negro


When I talk about gastronomic insider tips, I mustn't forget the Schabzigerklee.

Certainly this is not a Spanish product. However, it is a spice from the Germanic countries that very few people know. I would like to draw my reader's attention to this fine spice with an intense taste. The Schabzigerklee can be combined excellently with gratinated cheese. Not all supermarkets have it. I can only find it in organic shops.

SchabzigerKlee, Gewürz

In my bicultural kitchen we use Schabzigerklee in several dishes, e.g. B.

  • Lentils with home-made pasta,

  • Roasted Potatoes,

  • Swabian potato salad,

  • Baked pears with cheese

  • Onioncake

DULCE DE MEMBRILLO - Spanish quince bread


One of the products that I've been finding frequently in German stores recently is Spanish quince bread (Dulce de membrillo).

Its taste brings me back to my childhood. Quince bread with bread is a typical snack in Spain. Served with Manchego cheese, it is one of the typical desserts of Spanish gastronomy.

Personally, I like it with plain yogurt or Greek yogurt. The contrast with the sweet makes it an exquisite dessert.

If you dare to prepare it yourself, here I am sharing a video with my recipe for you.


If you'd rather buy the finished Spanish quince bread, I'll leave some links here.

videorezept spanischen Quittenbrot
Dulce de membrillo artesano - Quitenbrot

Gourmet Quittenbrot (250 g)

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