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Qualitative Faecher kaufen bei Handfaecher Canela.


WirNatur Fächerartikel

The air conditioning in hand format

When someone discovers you and writes so precisely about your project ...

The WirNatur team discovered us and wrote this wonderful article about CANELA.

What do you say about CANELA?
HEREand Mr. Rübli will accompany you into WirNatur.

WirNatur , sustainable gift ideas.

Interview on YouTube

Besides, I have with Canan
Spanish potato omelette "TORTILLA" cooked.

It was really fun!

Artikel über Handfächer Canela in Magazin FORUM

In March 2018 the journalist Ute Schirmak wrote a detailed and beautiful article about CANELA and the world of Spanish hand fans for FORUM magazine written. I had an interesting and really nice conversation with Ms. Schirmack in Spanish flair CAVACLUB Mitte in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Of course, Photographer also came along. You are welcome to read the result here and now: The most beautiful mini air conditioner .

Foto shooting CANELA

In July 2015 the journalist Vera Block met CANELA at the FASHION WEEK. I had a lot of fun talking to Ms. Block about hand fans. Ms. Block is also enthusiastic about this practical and elegant accessory. The result of the conversation was an interview with KULTURRADIO and this entertaining article on their blog: The rediscovery of the subject.

FashionWeek handfaechercanela

The blogger Ruth Wollnik from Switzerland reported in her blog WOMEN HOUSEHOLD about your experience in CANELA:

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