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Hand fan handling

We keep teaching new guests how to use the fan correctly. It's fun for both sides. For those who unfortunately cannot come to our sales outlets and for those who want to continue practicing at home, we have made this short video. We hope it helps and in any case ... you will have fun!

How can you open the hand fan?
Explanation in my spanishfected German.

Hand fan repair I. Wooden ribs detached.

Wooden ribs replaced!

Compartments are fine and delicate objects.

Some damage can be easily repaired.

When the wooden ribs are loosened, you can fasten them back with wood glue. Spread the glue on the wooden stick with a brush, place the stick in the crease and press for a few minutes.

Hand fan repair II. Replace mandrel.

Broken connecting rivet?

The connecting rivet of the hand fan is one of the parts that is more easily broken. The connecting rivets can easily be repaired.

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