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Have you thought about the presents for this Christmas?

I always think that there is no better gift than a fanwith a cover, for the woman or for the man: elegant, practical, ecological, portable ... A well-rounded gift!

However, I have to admit that you can find other great items in the street markets that you can't go wrong with, such as a hand fan and case.

Roter Fächer mit rotem Etui

Today I would like to introduce you to 24 market traders and small businesses like CANELA. Many of them make their own products or work directly with artisans . These 24 companies can provide you with valuable ideas for an original gift that will make the recipient feel special . A gift with which you can make your loved ones really happy. In addition , with your purchase in these shops you are supporting the founders so that they can continue to do their work with enthusiasm .

Adventskalender 2020 Geschenkideen

The products of all these dealers cannot be found in large shopping malls. They are very original and high-quality gift ideas . Therefore, it is impossible that the gift will fail.

Most of the dealers in the calendar doors offer their products in street markets *and / or with direct sales in their workshops and small shops. So that the products can be bought by people all over Germany, many of the retailers also offer their products on their website.

Kaffe La Finca


Coffee from Colombia

There is nothing better than starting the day with a good cup of coffee.

I only met Felipe a few weeks ago at the Südstern market.

He brings coffee to Berlin, which his family and friends grow in his home country in Colombia .

The production is completely sustainable and supports the workers with fair wages . Felipe's coffee is roasted in Berlin .

  • Kaffee La Finca Facebook
  • Instagram Kaffee La Finca
  • Neuer Markt am Südstern, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Sat. 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. *

* Presence with reservation


Bicycle bags

For people like me who use the bike as a means of transport, the combination bike bags by Krisztina Oravecz el are the perfect companion for everyday life.

Bag for the bike and at the same time for on the go .

The artisan Krisztina values practical and casual style . It is difficult to make a decision among the large selection, because all bags are beautiful.

  • Feewerk Fahrradtaschen Facebook
  • Feewerk Fahrradtaschen Instagram
  • Several art markets in Germany.



Leather notebooks hand made in Berlin

Do you like to take written notes?
I'm the kind of person who always has my notebook in my handbag (next to my hand fan).

When ideas come up, you have to write them down immediately!

The bookbinder Natalja on the Hackescher Markt offers beautiful notebooks bound by her made of the finest lambskin, goatskin, wool felt, cowhide and other materials. But that's not all! On request Natalya characterizes your book locally.

  • Emptybooksberlin Facebook
  • Emptybooksberlin Instagram
  • Market at Hackescher Markt, Berlin-Mitte, Sat 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. *


Jewelry and accessories for women

The Spanish fashion and jewelry designer Silvia Fornie designs and makes extraordinary sustainable jewelry and accessories for women . Their collections parade in Spain on several catwalks.

Elegant and unique like their product range. In addition to her leather jewelry, her star products are the cute dolly bow (headband) and her elegant collars , which she completes with an eye-catching button. Silvia only works with the highest quality materials.

Silvia Fornie Modeaccessoires
  • SiFo Silvia Fornie Schmuck und Accessoires für Frauen Facebook
  • SiFo Silvia Fornie Instagram
  • Market at Hackescher Markt, Berlin-Mitte, Sat 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. *

  • Several art markets

Urbanstickerei Berlin


Embroidery and textile printing

Peter Steinkopf, always friendly, helpful. His stand is always neat and bright white.

Peter likes to decorate your textiles . Whether bag, pillow, T-shirt, pants, backpack or kepis. Its strength is embroidery . However, he refines every fabric with different printing techniques .

He is open to your ideas and is definitely the ideal project partner for your personalized textile printing.

  • Urbanstickerei Facebook
  • Urbanstickerei Instagram
  • Urbanstickerei Youtube
  • Market on Kollwitzplat, Berlin-Mitte, Sat 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. *

  • Shop at Husemannstrasse 4, 10435 Berlin-Prenzlauerberg


Fashion and textile products for toddlers and babies

This fall I was looking for a baby present . I was looking for something cozy that could be used for several years.

Fortunately, I found Ute Istock at the pumpkin festival on Akazienstrasse. A stand with various textile products for babies and children . Many of your creations are embroidered with Berlin motifs. I chose the pillows that Ute personalized with the names of my nephews.

Maleika baby mode
  • Market on Boxhagener Platz, Saturdays from 9.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. *

  • Nowkoelln *

  • Flea market on Maybachufer, March - December, every two weeks, Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. *

Hathunter Angela Kloeck Hutmacherin


Elegant hats for women

Fans and hats are tight like brother and sister. Centuries-old accessories that never go out of style . If you want to show yourself elegant, you have to have a hat and fan!

Angela Klöck is probably one of the few hat makers in Berlin . Wedding hats, straw hats, felt hats, hair accessories with feathers, evening models, everything is there!

Your collection is characterized by a certain English style. Not without reason, as she studied in London and learned her trade from renowned British hat makers. However, Angela brings dynamism and pragmatism to her creations. Hat has to be practical, comfortable and beautiful!

  • Market at Hackescher Markt, Berlin-Mitte, Sat 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. *

  • Several art markets



Women's fashion and tango pants

The trained ladies' tailor Simone Seidel designs and creates casual fashion for women . Creativity, freedom and knowledge are the cornerstones of your work.

One of the passions of Simone and her partner Oliver is tango. Influenced by this, their creativity spreads to milongas fashion .

In addition to fashion for women, Simone also makes tailor-made tango pants . Simone supplies the best dancers on the dance scene.

  • Feynheyt simone Seidel DamenmodeFacebook
  • Feynheyt Damenmode bei Simone Seidel Instagram
Feynheyt Simone Seidel
  • Market on Kollwitzplat, Berlin-Mitte, Sat 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. *

  • Shop-Atelier in BERLIN MOABIT,
    Wed. 12 p.m. - 7 p.m.,
    Thu. and Fri. 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.
    and by appointment

Berliner Bumerang


Wooden boomerangs

Christian Kliem and his team have been making wooden boomerangs in Berlin for over 10 years. Beautiful designs handcrafted with local woods.

Berlin Boomerang not only markets Boomerang, but Christian also works on social projects with schools.

He also organizes workshops where you can learn how to make and use boomerangs. A fantastic idea for team building or for the next children's birthday party .

  • Berliner Bumerang Facebook
  • Berliner Bumerang Instagram
  • Accessible workshop only by appointment.

  • Open workshop day (please check directly ).

  • Several designer and art markets


Children's boutique ~ accessories for women

Giuliana Gadea, designer of Tulipas and Qoya , brings fashion for the little ones into the home and colorful accessories for the mothers .

Giuliana and her team of professional seamstresses make the products personally and with great attention to detail.

Giuliana sells her products at handicraft markets and regularly in her shop in Berlin-Alt Tempelhof, as well as in her online shop.


  • Tulipas Kinder Boutique Facebook
  • Tulipas Kinder Boutique Instagram
  • Tulipas Kinder Boutique Pinterest
Tulipas Qoya Berlin


  • Qoya Facebook
  • Qoya Instagram
Cavaclub Berlin 2020


CAVA, Catalan Schwaumwien DOP

When the journalist Barbara Schwarzwälder moved from Barcelona to Berlin after many years, she realized that she was missing something important: the finest sparkling wines . And so she started her project by bringing Cava - the Catalan sparkling wine with designation of origin - to Berlin.

Barbara knows each of her winemakers, small families who have been making cava in the traditional way for generations . In their online shop you will find delicious cavas and wines for your festive table. The selection is expanded with olive oil , vermouth , olives , sardines and mussels in a can and other goodies. At Christmas you can also buy Christmas basketswith Spanish delicacies at Cavaclub.

In the blog you can also find out the stories of the "small producers with really big stories".

  • Cavaclub Instagram


Leather belt

Alexander N. Mayer and Robert Ojurovic, two tough guys with a warm heart. The two young tanners have been marketing their original belts in several locationsthroughout Germany since 2012.

Alexander and Robert also make unique bags , bracelets and other accessories , all made in Berlin from high quality leather.

  • Tartar Facebook
  • Tartar Instagram
Tartar Berlin Gürtel
  • Market at Hackescher Markt, Berlin-Mitte, Sat 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. *

  • Art market at the Zeughaus, Berlin-Mitte, Sat. and Sun. 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. *

  • Open workshop in Genslerstr. 13A, 13055 Berlin-Lichtenberg
    Tues-Fri 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Sabine Puschmann Kunst


Pottery, drawing, painting

After years of work in marketing, Sabine Puschmann has turned her hobby into a profession.

The Cologne artist manages to move the viewer with her pictures. Many people identify with their charming figures full of personality . Sabine's works are all unique. They are shown in changing exhibitions in numerous galleries at home and abroad.

You can also find interested parties at art markets in North Rhine-Westphalia. If you take a look at their channels, you can find their latest creations.

  • Sabine Puaschmann-Diegel Instagram


Chocolate, pralines, drinking chocolate

Susi and Martin Franz will sweeten your life with their homemade chocolate . Classic chocolates and unique items. To enjoy yourself or to give away. A tempting gift .

  • Schokomanufaktur Franz Instagram
  • Schokomanufaktur Franz Berlin
  • Market on Karl August Platz, Berlin-Charlottenburg,
    Wed. and Sat.8.00 a.m. - 13.00 h *

  • Market at Hackescher Markt, Berlin-Mitte, Thursday 10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. (no attendance at the moment)

  • Market on Kollwitzplatz, Berlin-Prenzlauerberg,
    Sat 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. *

  • Art market at the Zeughaus, Berlin-Mitte, Sat. and Sun. 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. *

  • Shop & anufaktur, Ebertystrasse 26, 10249 Berlin-F'hain *

Schokoladen Manufaktut Berlin
La Pausa Berlin


Bags and hand-knitted socks

After a “break” in Spain, Sabine Paulußen is back to Germany with full power. She has rediscovered her passion for sewing. It was created as a child when she was already experimenting with different fabrics in her parents' studio.

Sabine sews different bags and knits cozy, warm, thick winter socks . A great Christmas present!

La Pausa is always on different art markets in Berlin.

  • La Pausa Facebook
  • La Pausa Instagram


Bow tie made of wood

The architect and fashion designer Ilias Markolefaslias has very unique bow ties for men and women .

In the final thesis of his career as an architect and fashion designer, Ilias thought that the small pieces of wood left over from the handicrafts should be reused. This is how the Ilias project started: a fancy wooden bow tie .

Ilias bow ties and other beautiful accessories from him can be found on various art markets .

  • Ilias Design Facebook
  • Ilias Design Instagram
Ilias Design Fliege Berlin
Lenmitfaden Recicling Leder Accessoires


handmade wallets & jewelry made from leather scraps

The young leather designer Lena Poschenrieder initiated her work in production and sales to finance her studies. She now has her own brand. Beautiful designs made of upcycling material, young, fresh and relaxed , like their creator.

Lena is present on various art markets in Berlin, Munich and Vienna. With her music, Lena always puts colleagues and stand visitors in a good mood. You can always find the market dates updated on her bio in Instagram.

  • Lenmitfaden  Facebook
  • Lenmitfaden Instagram


Japanese chef's knives and longboard skaters

Passionate cook, Nico Hesselmann offers quality accessories for the kitchen . Nico specializes in Japanese chef's knives . He likes to advise and sells his knives on Saturdays at Hackescher Markt .

But this sporty man is also a specialist in longboard skaters . You can find all of his products, as well as knowledge and tips, in his online shop .

  • Bolle Scheese Facebook
  • Bolle Scheese  Instagram
Bolle Scheese Berlin
Origens Spanische Charcuterie


Spanish charcuterie

Alberto and Silvia opened the first Spanish charcuterie in Berlin. They started selling Canela in markets at the same time as hand fans.

With a lot of love and devotion, they optimized their business with a trailer and opened their shop a few months ago.

Berliners like me and many others enjoy their excellent original products. If you are looking for a good pata negra, you will find it here.

  • Origens Facebook
  • Origens Instagram
  • Market on Boxhagenerplatz, Berlin-Mitte, Saturday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. *

  • Shop at Rigaer Str. 105, Berlin-Friedrichshain


Creative & design shop

Diana Behrend and Hans Schubert run this diverse shop in the old town of Wittenberg.

In the room, qualitative design objects and handcrafted items by artists from all over Germany are presented. In addition, Diana and Hans organize handicraft workshops in their rooms.

If you're looking for inspiration for your gift, you're sure to find it here.

  • Station 29 Facebook
  • Sation 29 Instagram
Station29 Wittenberg
Bellanatur Mode Berlin


Fashion and accessory for women

Agnes is always friendly and helpful at her stand on Hackescher Markt. Masks should not be missing during this time.

The artist and fashion designer Marina Bell made really beautiful designs. Marina is actually the mother of Bellanatur, a well-established Berlin brand.

You can find wonderful gauntlets and many other accessories in your several shops in Berlin and beyond.

  • Bellanatur Facebook
  • Bellanatur Berlin Instagram
  • Market at Hackescher Markt, Berlin-Mitte, Thurs. and Sat. 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. *


Urban art & jewelry made of concrete

The artist Jana Renning practices a diverse modern art . All of her works are shaped by an urban art. Her abstract paintings, portraits, urban landscapes and collages are distributed in private collections around the world.

The urban influence is also evident in the extraordinary jewelry made of high-tech concrete , combined with precious metals, which Jana designs and produces herself.

Tinoliss Art Beton Schmuck Berlin
  • Tinoliss Facebook
  • Tinoliss schmuck aus Beton  Instagram
Palacios Palacios spanische Kaese


Cheese from Spain

Marta Palacios grew up in a family that has been raising cattle and producing milk in Castile La Mancha for generations.

Marta and her father Fernando founded their cheese company Palacios & Palacios in Berlin in 2019.

If there is anyone who knows Manchego cheese, it is Marta. Manchego DOP and other cheeses from traditional cheese producers in the region can be found in the shop of Palacios & Palacios.

For Christmas you can also buy Christmas baskets with Spanish delicacies at Palacios & Palacios.

  • Palacios und Palacios Käse aus Spanien Facebook
  • Palacios und Palacios  Instagram


Flamenco made in Berlin

I am ending my 2020 advent calendar with a star on the stage . For me, Carmen Celada is my Spanish poinsettia in Berlin. I don't spend Christmas without listening to your CD of popular Spanish Christmas carols .

Carmen comes from a family of musicians. Her repertoire is very diverse: Bossa Nova, Bolero, Zarzuela and Flamenco.

Today I would like to introduce you to the CD by Carmen and her flamenco group "Flamenco Vivo " from Berlin. The group says goodbye every year with a New Year's Eve concert in the Passionskirche (Berlin-Kreuzberg). The New Year's Eve concert 2020 has unfortunately been canceled, like many other concerts.

With this CD you can enjoy your Flamenco music all year round and support the artists at the same time.

Carmen Celada & Flamenco Vivo
  • Carmen Celada Facebook
  • Tinoliss schmuck aus Beton  Instagram

I got the idea for this advent calendar from the web designer Raquel Gómez from Taisa Design

This year Raquel has put together an Advent calendar 2020 with gift ideas from 24 Spanish-speaking artisans on her blog Las Venturas de Taisa. There is HANDFÄCHER CANELA in the 5th door.


The gift ideas in this advent calendar 2020 can be used at any time .

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