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Futteral für Handfächer

Gray case for hand fans 21 cm to 23 cm long

SKU: FG-509

Case for hand fans with TAPE / OVERLAP
Material : nylon and imitation leather
Color : gray. The side seam is light brown

Ideal for hand fans 21 cm long
23 cm long hand compartments also fit inside. However, the overlap does not completely close.
Please see picture attached.

Article no. FG-508

The gray sheath is ideal for hand fans with a length of 21 cm .

You can also use it for 23 cm long compartments. However, then the overlap does not close completely.

The material is hard and offers excellent protection for the pocket in the handbag.

However, this case is the perfect alternative for those who want to do without leather products .

8,00 €Price
VAT Included |

Lieferzeiten innerhalb Deutschlands: 3 bis 5 Werktage

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